Triple “O” Interactive Art Game

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This innovative experience seeks to revolutionize how audiences interact with and perceive art. Triple O” represents the three potential outcomes that a contestant’s interpretation may receive from the panel of judges: “On-Track,” “Off-Track,” or “Off-Planet.” Triple “O” aims to immerse participants in artistic expression by transcending traditional art appreciation and fostering curiosity and dialogue. Scheduled as a monthly event, Triple “O” will offer consistent opportunities for the community to engage meaningfully with art and the artist over hors d’oeuvres and beverage.

Each month, On First Thursdays, a local FusionFest participating artist will have one of their original artwork spotlighted. Artists from a diversity of heritages will participate in keeping with FusionFest’s mission to celebrate the people and the many different cultures that make Central Florida awesome by showcasing talents, sharing stories, driving innovation, and building community based on respect and understanding. The games begin August 2024 and continuing through October. We will pause in November and December for the annual Festival, then continue in January 2025. Your ticket gets you full participation and refreshments.

Showtimes for 2024 and 2025

August 1 2024               Artists:  Adriana Moa; Valerio Mazzoli

                                         Judges: Elaheh Jazemi, Grace Lui, Tim Adebule

September 5 2024        Artists: Segun Akeredolu, Olena Datseva

                                         Judges:  To be determined

October 3 2024             Artists: Martha Sanders, Dafeney Josue

                                         Judges:  To be determined

January 2 2025             Artists: Hend Al Rijab, Artist 2 (to be determined)

                                         Judges:  To be determined

February 6 2025            Artists: To be determined

                                         Judges:  To be determined

March 6 2025               Artists: To be determined

                                        Judges:  To be determined

Location:  A Perfect Union Art Gallery, Unit 704 9401 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee FL 34761