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A visual masterpiece that reaches around the globe to reveal how the “artists share their culture in color compositions. We want to know your opinion. Please vote for your favorite work of art in the Gallery. The Audience Choice award of $150 will be presented from the Massey Stage on Sunday around 4:45 pm. The artist’s work is a response to the theme of “Who I am”. This year’s exhibition features 28 artists with a total of 54 works of art. All are for sale.

Saturday 11 – 6 pm

Sunday 1-5pm

The artists bring cultural heritages from these countries:


African American

Costa Rican
Middle East

Puerto Rico
Queer culture
United States

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Painting Live

Saturday, 11 am to 2 pm – Dafeney Josue
Saturday, 1 to 4 pm – Delia Miller
Saturday, 2 to 5 pm – Gordana Sjostedt
Sunday, 1 to 4 pm – Ernesto Torrejon
Sunday, 2 to 5 pm – Amanda Seckington

Adriana Moa – A multidisciplinary artist who signs her vibrant creations using the moniker AMOA. A Fine Arts graduate of 2003 who hails from Brazil, Adriana has delved into a plethora of artistic expressions throughout her career, including drawing, lithography, sculpture, and painting in large size; the latter of which becoming her greatest passion. Adriana’s pieces are about the daring, unapologetic expression of emotion; epitomized in her bold strokes of intense primary color lathered over a canvas that so brazenly mixes exotic papers, luxurious fabrics, newspapers, and array of other avantgarde materials, while simultaneously paying respect to the intricacies of such affections. Adriana’s expertly finessed brushstrokes delicately channel raw feeling forth from the ether, birthing her creations a corporeal form endowed with strong, captivating features. What culminates is an eclectic blend of acrylic paint; bestowed with a passion, expression, enthusiasm, and spontaneity that can only be alluded to in its innate “Brazilianess.”

Luis Medina – Luis Javier Medina Genera was born in Humacao Puerto Rico on January 7, 1991, his parents son Juan Medina and Ilia Gerena.Since he was little he always had an inclination towards arts and crafts. Between his elementary and high school at S.U. Andrés Soto Quiñones participated in art exhibitions representing indigenous culture. He then dedicated himself to Mechanical Engineering and upon moving to Florida he dedicated himself to all areas of construction, especially carpentry. In the current year 2023 he reintegrates into the arts starting with a work called The Rebirth of the Beginning, a theme inspired by different Plastic Artists directed by the City Arts Art Gallery in Downtown Orlando.

Vicky Patrikakos – Vicky is a multi-media artist, she predominantly works with oil on canvas. Vicky loves colors and she almost always uses a full color palette. Her approach to painting is to capture nature in a moment of time. Usually she paints what impresses her in her everyday life and from various trips to different places. At this time Vicky lives in New Smyrna Beach Florida, where besides painting, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, cooking, writing poems and going to the beach. The artist is also known by her married name, Vicky Pizza.

Valerio Mazzoli – Valerio Mazzoli, is an Orlando resident painter who was born in Italy, Milano and studied at the Castello Sforzesco Art School. He is very proud of his Italian heritage as he his portfolio of designer. Valerio is an eclectic artist that often eliminated a perfect model, to leave the palette, in sharp backgrounds, emblematic values, and inner analysis. The beauty of the painting is often reached through the contrast of the colors, without the joint of a concrete object. He enters, with the help of physical characteristics and with the assistance of incisive strokes, in the depths of the humans psyche, to catch the vice and virtues, foibles and ambitions, anxieties and joys. (don Santino Sparta’ – Vatican critic)

Lemus – Hello I’m lemus, I’m an artist from Central America Honduras and moved to the states when I was ten. Since then I have had some pretty interesting experiences dealing with the culture change and making new friends and family. I owe a great sense of gratitude to the art community in orlando for helping me become a better artist and citizen of Orlando. Thanks. 

George Stuart – Attended Georgia State University. Moved to Orlando 30-plus years ago. Creative director and owner of George Stuart Advertising for over 20 years. Retired. Starting painting watercolors over 4 years ago. On the Board of The Art League of Daytona. A member of Beaux Arts. Recent awards: First Place at The Art League of Daytona 2023. Best In Show at The Art League of Daytona 2023. First Place at the Annual Watercolor Exhibit at the Suntan Center in St. Petersburg. Won the Florida Watercolor Society’s Annual Exhibition “Art Society’s Award for 2023. Chosen by the Florida Watercolor Society to exhibit my artwork in a 2024 Watercolor Exhibition in the International Watercolor Exhibit held In Edinburgh Scotland at the National Scottish Art Gallery.

Sarahy Boraure – Sarahy Boraure Pérez, was born on August 12, 1993 in Barquisimeto, Lara state, Venezuela. His mother is Juliet Pérez, a lawyer, and his father was José Boraure Lara, a graphic designer and plastic artist recognized for his performance in the area of painting and for being the creator of the Larenses yearbooks (compilation of painters in the state of Lara and the rest of Venezuela. ). He started painting from the age of 5 at the Martín Tovar y Tovar School of Art, practicing still lifes in chalk, crayons and using mixed techniques, under the guidance, motivation and teachings of his father, being a teacher at the same institution. In 2010 at the age of 16 his father died, then he began to study Social Communication at Yacambú University. ENTREPRENEUR in 2014 at the age of 20, he works in a company called DecoMuebles, for sale and upholstery with his sewing apprenticeship, made decorative and personalized cushions with acrylics, he was successful! He undertook the stage calling it “”A trip full of color”” participating in: Local bazaars; Promar TV program “”A Good Morning”” with Carito Navarro; Exhibition and sale of 10 hand-painted thematic cushions in Cucuta-Colombia Masserato Store;  Participated in a Market Place in Quito-Ecuador. In 2018 in Medellín-Colombia he took a course on “Integral Management of the Craft Sector” validated by the National Learning Service (SENA) and the Colombian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACOPI) certified, holding exhibitions in the “Boston Vive Art Fair” and the “San Alejo Craft Fair.” She was invited to an exhibition called “Mujeres con Propósito” at the Medellín Creativa event. He participated in art workshops by Oro Color Colombia whose teachers were Astrid de Marchena from Caracas and Angélica Ángula from Barranquilla. He returned to Venezuela and exhibited at “Bazar Lara Fest” Grupo Bazarte by Villalón; Etc. THE OPPORTUNITY. Today Sarahy is in Deltona Florida, United States, a country in which she is offering her the opportunity for her personal and professional growth, holding exhibitions and participating in: White Art Gallery by Jeniree Blanco-Miami 2021; Herencia de Colores Art Exhibit by Dagmar Lopez and Cabetcal by Beatriz Andrekovich-Osceola Library-Obra Self-portrait Natural Symbols- 2021; Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit-by Orange County Committee- Orlando Fl 2021-Obra Jesús El Camino; First Latin American Festival of Performing Arts-Open Scene by Támara Bejarano- Work Jesus the Way and Scenography (Mural) of the play El Soplador de Estrella – June 2021. Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit- The Hart Memorial Central Library by CABETCAL and Osceola Art – Work “La Niña” 2021 Exhibition “Cases and Cases Llameros” by Descolonizarte Theater “Tricolor Lion work” 2021. Revelation Renaissance at City Art – Work Jesus the Way small format 2021. Market Place with Venezuelans in Sanford, Casa de Venezuela Orlando and Expotalento. Organization of Art Activities with Drinking Art by Sandra Valverde and Carmen Perez – with the work “Mariposa” and “Capri” year 2022 and 2023… To be continued…

Sabrina Dessalines – Sabrina Dessalines, a 25-year-old self-taught artist from Orlando, Florida, creates diverse art that celebrates women of color, intimacy, and positive authenticity. Her work goes beyond aesthetics, inspiring change and embracing the strength of softness.

Emery Graham – I’m a retiree who is learning to live the Photographer’s life. Our senses take in all the external stimuli available in our sensible environment. Our consciousness seems to reveal only an infinitely small part of that information to our conscious awareness. The worlds unrevealed to the consciousness are the generative ground for our dreams, our nightmares, and our obsessions. This unconscious well spring of visions and sensations, of unnegotiated attractions, occur of their own accord and turn our attention to the joys of light, and of sound, of touch and taste, of smell and waking reveries found in the environment. Any meaning you may find in my images emerged through me, not as a conscious choice, but in cooperation with an emerging ability to convey my meaning in photographs. This work represents the evidence of an emerging agreement between my unconscious and conscious mind; those parts of my awareness that consort to constitute my sense of seeing. This work is evidence of the collaboration that occurs in an instant and defines a moment of insight and obligation to create a testimony of agreement on the presence of perceptual oneness of mind.

Oluwasegun Akeredolu – Oluwasegun ‘Segun’ Akeredolu loves to draw and paint, watercolor being her fav medium. She especially likes painting people and continues to practice on trapping the emotions of the eyes and faces on 2D surfaces. She enjoys painting form, pushing the skin tones and playing with negative spaces. When one is fortunate to meet great grand parents and grand parents, it is a blessing. The women that come before give life to those who come after. Shaping, teaching , molding them. “Who I am” you ask; I am my grandmother’s grandchild. I am the stories she didn’t tell but shaped. My cultural heritage is Yoruba, a badge I wear happily. My strongest influences come from family.

Olena Datseva – About OlenaIt all started with the simple idea of bringing art and yoga into one forum. Olena Datseva is contemporary self-taught Ukrainian artist. She specializes in portrait painting and figurative artwork. In her work, one can see much of emotion and a story that will capture your heart. This painting is very deeply connected to me and the events that occurred in Ukraine in 2022. My family was impacted by the rapidly emerging war was forced to hide in bomb shelters and leave their homes among many other families. In this painting, Russia and Ukraine represented by two beautiful females, mother and daughter. They are both arguing trying to make a point. Ethnical headpieces, Ukrainian flower crown and Russian kokoshnik display colorful and unique culture of each country. I wanted to paint particularly women because they are the ones giving birth, and they are the ones who had to bury their brothers, fathers, and kids. In the middle rising from smoke and ashes is phoenix, a symbol of hope.

Sanjana Deshmukh – Sanjana is from India and currently resides in Orlando, FL. Upon completion of her Master of Fine Arts, freelanced, conducted workshops and exhibited in art shows in India. Her most noted exhibitions include group shows at Holiday Inn-Pune and Balghandharva Art Gallery and Glendale Community Center in Phoenix, AZ.Sanjana is skilled in an array of different mediums and art forms that include watercolor, acrylics, oil, pastels, to name a few. Her specialty, however, is mixed media painting with themes varying from traditional to contemporary. Her artwork can be found in private collections and businesses.As time went by, her workshops, along with advocacy, made her realize she was passionate about teaching art. It brought her great pride and joy when she was able to spark the creativity in her students. Hence, after moving to the US, she completed her Master of Education, combining her passion for art and teaching.Sanjana truly believes that art can spark the small fire of creativity we all have within us.

Moschburg – Moschburg is a visual artist who has traveled the globe and is notorious for having bold and vibrant colors that breathe life into his art. Captivating murals to striking canvases demonstrate the beauty and diversity within Moschburg’s style. Dive deep into Moschburg’s mind and explore his dexterous world. Moschburg is always trying to recreate the beauty of his travels. All that he creates is a reflection of his experiences. An attempt to capture the emotional value of the collective memories of the world traveled. Moschburgs art blends pop art and neo-expressionism with a unique twist. Each painting is deep, with layers that compliment any modern attire. Mosch’s paintings are diverse works of cultural scenery from deep within the imagination that burst with colors.

Elsie Michielsens – Elsie was an Art Teacher for 10 years in Belgium, and had her paintings displayed at special events and a few Art Galleries around Brussels. After moving to the USA, she became a Scenic Artist, painting sets and murals for theme parks, conventions, concerts and theater. After a 10 year hiatus (2022) she picked up her paintbrush again.

Mercedes Moreno – Hello, my name is Mercedes Moreno. I am a 41 year old Puerto Rican American born in Brooklyn NY now residing in central Florida. As a sculptural artist my focus is to express the experience of my people with the hope that others cannot only relate but also connect to our stories.

Lavanya Arulselvam – My Ammamma (grandmother) was one of the most fascinating and inspiring women I have ever known. She was someone who lived life the way she wanted to and was not afraid of being alone. She taught me the importance and value of enjoying your own company and being self fulfilled. The only person I would speak my broken Tamil with because she never made fun of me or made me feel insecure about my strong American accent. An actress at a time when acting for women in India was not necessarily praised. A single mom trying her best to keep it together to raise my mother and support her family while dealing with loss and hardship. Her strength and courage is something I will always hope to have. Losing her during Covid and not being able to say goodbye in person is something that will always create an ache in my chest. However being able to submit my painting of her and have it featured in a beautiful gallery makes me so proud, my small way to honor her and share her beauty with the world.

Melissa Rudge – I grew up in the foothills of the Appalachia mountains. After graduating with a degree in Art Education, I joined the Peace Corps and spent 2 years in Ghana teaching art. Upon returning, I moved to Orlando and have spent several years teaching elementary art. Humans are expressive, complicated, and funny. I am inspired to capture these moments in bright colors. Although I have an entire narrative developed for each painting, I thoroughly enjoy hearing the narratives created by the viewers of my art.

Juan David – Juan David Tena is an accomplished Documentarian, Photojournalist, and esteemed member of the Diplomatic Corps of Colombia. Known for his exceptional storytelling and unwavering commitment to shedding light on social and public issues, Juan’s life journey has been defined by overcoming challenges and achieving remarkable milestones. Throughout his tenure, Juan had the honor of documenting momentous events such as the signing of peace agreements in Cuba, the Nobel Prize ceremony in Oslo, Norway, Pope Francis’ historic visit to Colombia, Colombia’s official visit to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace, and meetings at the White House with both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. His work has been published in international media, such as El Pais, Spain, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, and on the front pages of Colombian press, such as Semana Magazine, El Tiempo, and El Espectador. His exceptional skills and experiences at the Presidency led to his appointment as a diplomat in the Consulate General of Colombia in Orlando, United States. In this capacity, Juan effectively utilized his photographic expertise and communication acumen to impact the Colombian community and foster cultural understanding positively. Juan’s ultimate ambition is to use communications as a channel to positively affect the lives of those who need, in international agencies such as the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, ACNUR, among others. He aspires to leverage his strategic communication skills to raise awareness of public and social issues disproportionately affecting marginalized communities. “Through my lens, I tell stories that ignite change. My art captures the unseen, amplifies voices, and challenges conventions. With each image, I aim to spark empathy, provoke thought, and inspire a more compassionate world. Together, let’s reimagine our reality.” -Juan David Tena

Hend Al-rijab – Hend Al-Rijab is a contemporary Expressionist and Abstract painter who lives and works in Orlando, Florida. A native of Baghdad, Iraq, her inspiration from the rich history of Mesopotamia shows in her paintings. Her distinctive personal style will take you in an emotional deep dive to navigate various stories through her paintings. Her female characters have a strong presence and a great role in her artwork, expressing the strength, challenge, and the power of women as major themes. Translating her life events of living in a war zone, immigration and relationships in her artwork. Inspired by her father who is an artist himself, the first to show her how to hold a brush and create art and encouraged her to have an engineering degree. Hend uses Acrylic, oils, graphite and Pastel as her preferred mediums. She participated in local galleries in Orlando and collaborated with musicians to use her artwork as album covers.

Gabriela Burlamaquj – Gabriela Burlamaqui, a Brazilian artist based in Orlando, Florida, is known for her captivating and emotionally charged artworks. With a background rooted in the vibrant culture of the Brazilian Northeast, her paintings bridge realism and abstraction to delve into questions of identity, memory, and place. Rejecting the confines of traditional genres, she freely blends abstract backgrounds with intricate figures, sparking dynamic dialogues between form and emotion. Gabriela’s commitment to ecological art is evident in her innovative use of recycled materials and self-made mediums. Currently developing her first art collection, “Anthropocene,” she explores the delicate balance between humanity and the environment, igniting conversations that resonate beyond the canvas.

Forrest Wilson – Forrest Wilson is a visual artist living in Orlando, FL, and a recent Master of Fine Arts graduate from The University of Central Florida. In childhood, Forrest was abandoned by the family they were born into before spending the remainder of their formative years in highly conservative foster homes. After “aging out” of the foster care system at eighteen Forrest moved to Orlando, FL to pursue painting and drawing at the University of Central Florida. Visually and thematically, their work intersects personal symbols, intense coloration, and the expression of queer fantasy. In their most recent works, they employ pastels to depict colorful alter egos that enact intimate dramas and moments of personal reflection inspired by the artist’s lived experiences and emotional states.

Emmanuel De Guzman – My watercolor paintings feature a variety of subject matter, usually about wildlife, landscape, portraits and people’s livelihoods, street vendors in particular. Lately I find myself drawn to creating still life paintings related to Filipino heritage and culture. Particularly subject matter that reminds me of my country’s rich Spanish history, since our country was a colony of Spain for 4 centuries. I have always been drawn to realism in my paintings since I was little, trying to learn and understand how light interacts with objects and surfaces of different materials. To this day, I still challenge myself to explore new possibilities and techniques in watercolor and other mediums.

Dafeney Josue – As a burgeoning artist based in the bustling city of Orlando, my artistic journey has been a complex and intricate one, infused with an unwavering passion for the creative arts. My creative sanctuary, my humble garage/studio, has served as the birthplace of my artistic vision, providing me with the space to experiment with an array of mediums and bold, vivacious color palettes. Through my artistic expressions, I seek to pay homage to the beauty of black femininity, crafting my pieces with the intention of empowering and uplifting young black girls. My pieces serve as a celebration of femininity and a poignant reminder for black girls to embrace their true identities. Inspired by the works of illustrious artists such as Whitney Austin and Brionya James, I experiment with textures, acrylics and even scour Pinterest for inspiration, as I endeavor to convey positivity and offer a glimpse into my vibrant and diverse world.

Cailin Alainn – Home, belonging and identity are major themes throughout my work. I use a variety of mixed media and through collage I am able to express my own unique experiences. I use trashed and found artifacts in my drawings and paintings to draw parallels on how objects are both cultural and identity markers in our lives. Common materials that I use include candy wrappers, tea packets, tags, and plastic wrappings that I collage with my portrait and nature themed drawings. Through this method I am able to reflect upon my connection to these throw-away artifacts as well as validate them by giving them new lives as art works. The disposable nature of these objects and their loss in value after their first use allows me to analyze my relationship to them as well as critique on how societies such as the US emphasizes consumption over sustainability. To observe these connections I frequently immerse myself into foreign cultures where I can further explore these concepts. By validating how these everyday materials have their own stories and objectives in our lives, I am able to emphasize their strengths in how they can bring a sense of belonging for many individuals who are displaced and/or reside in foreign places.

Blotched Peony – My name is Ellie, and I am a local artist that was born and raised in Nevada. In my art I choose to depict my life experiences and helpful anecdotes I’ve learned from them. This series is a collection of illustrative flower paintings that delve into the symbolistic meanings of each flower and my personal connection with each meaning. Through the use of color theory and compositional techniques I’m able to create a sense of depth and a story that guides the viewer’s eyes to all of the main points of my painting. This allows me to depict my authentic feelings on topics such as hopelessness, happiness and the connection two people can have even after death.

Bernard Foong – Thanks to my late beloved and encouraging mother, who nourished me at the tender age of six, I began my art and fashion design education with numerous renowned educators in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to London, England. As a graduate from the prestigious Royal College of Art, London, England, I pursued a fashion career as an in-house bridalwear designer for LIBERTY LONDON before the Hong Kong Polytechnic/University, the Singapore Temasek Polytechnic/University, the University of Wisconsin (Madison, U.S.A.), the Minneapolis College of Art (Minnesota, U.S.A.) and last but by no means least, the University of Hawaii (Honolulu, U.S.A.) recruited me as a fashion and fashion illustration professor. I have exhibited and sold many of my paintings and fabric art pieces to numerous international collectors. The medias used for my Celestial Mythology art series are watercolor, pastel chalk, color pencils, poster paints, acrylic, and pencils on watercolor paper.Being a seasoned fashion designer/illustrator, my CONTEMPORAY FABRIC art series are of sculpted felts, textiles, and garment trims on canvases. One of my current art endeavors evolve around a series of display mannequins from a distant realm named, BO-BO-PYNE. These fantastical Elementals are AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AND SPIRIT. My media: molded textiles and decorative combinations. This chimerical collection is both au courant and aesthetically otherworldly.My latest Digital Art creations are fantastical, mythical, and spiritual. These imaginative Portraitures are colorfully layered, whimsically precise, and beautifully executed. Four of my Digital Art creations were featured at The Orlando Museum of Art – PLATFORM artists showcase 2023.Aspire Gallery, Orlando will be featuring a piece of my Digital Artwork in their upcoming STORYTELLING exhibition – August 10th, 2023 to the end of September 2023. My current artistic pursue is Digital Portrait Photography (DP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Portraiture combination. DP and AI are useful tools to enhance, layer, superimpose, and refined my portrait photography and aesthetic creativity into a contemporary visual art form. I am also working on a twin mannequin sculptural piece titled: ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN OF DIAMONDS. These pieces are part of The Florida Sculptors Guild’s ENVISION 2024 show at the Bass Museum, Miami, Florida. This installation is created specifically for the museum’s Diamond Jubilee celebration, and it will be on display for a 6 – 9 months period in 2024.

Areej Zufari – A passionate artist and dedicated educator, Areej Zufari serves as a tenured professor of Humanities at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida. Through her paintings, she captures the essence of beauty and shares the profound human experiences.An explorer of identity, Areej’s expressionist pieces delve into the rich complexities of the self, offering thought-provoking perspectives. Folk art serves as another significant influence, and in her villages series, she masterfully weaves together diverse cultural elements, creating evocative pieces that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Wilma Rogers – Acrylic paint, foil and heavy gel mediums journey throughout my canvases. Bold textures exhibit shapes and colors that capture the imagination and evoke conversations. This unique style creates mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind pieces to display the beauty of abstract art.

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