MYgration Films Cinema Premiere

Capturing the stories of Central Floridians from around the world in short three- to five-minute documentary films.

  • MYgration Films Cinema Premiere

    • Enzian Theatre1300 Orlando AvenueMaitland, FL, 32751United States (map)

On October 1, 2023 – 12:30pm at- Enzian Theatre (1300 Orlando Avenue in Maitland, Florida) the MYgration Film Screening and Award Presentation will take place. Upon completion the panel will reveal the 2023 MYgration Film Competition winners. Presenting five awards including the popular “Audience Choice” winner and awarding a $1000 Grand Prize and  a $200 Student Prize as well as cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd place. A private Filmmaker’s Reception on will take place prior to the screening.

Tickets are available here.

Filmakers: Matt Wohl (Vermont-USA), Emilee Namphengsone (Asian culture. Specifically Lao culture, or Vietnamese/Thai culture), Jorge Gutierrez (Hispanic/Carib), Bhavana Banala (India), Betty Su (Vietnam), Benjamin Mack-Jackson (Ukraine), Joshua Thomas (USA-LGBTQIA), Tristan Antony Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Mauricio Mejia Chang (Peru), Juan David Tena (Colombia), Corey Marr (USA)

Subjects: Amy Akamine (Japan), Hans Peter Nkansah (Guana/Germany), Anna Byrnes (Ukraine), Era Ghali (Egypt), Gaby West (England/Italy), Gabriella Rodriguez (Mexico/Q/PR), Jasmin & Trib Persaud (Guyana/India), Justine Francisco (Philippines & Japan), Patrick (Etu) Ah-Wang (Samoa), Samir Fkiyi (Morrocco), Zachary Moldof (USA/Skate Culture),

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