MYgration Films 2023

Capturing the stories of Central Floridians from around the world in short three- to five-minute documentary films.

MYgration Films: Experience powerful stories of global journeys at FusionFest’s MYgration films, in collaboration with the Global Peace Film Festival. Immerse yourself in short documentaries that capture Central Floridians’ migration tales and be moved by the art of cinematic storytelling.

Sun on the Massey Stage throughout the day in the hour following these times. The exact time will vary and may change. Some may also be shown in the Global Exchange, with the subject there for further comments and discussion:

A Bless Life with Samir Fkiyi, by Juan David Tena                                         4 PM

Anglo-Italian with Gaby West, by Betty Su                                                       2 PM

Bonded by Purpose with Anna Byrnes, by Jorge Gutierrez                           1 PM

Chasing Dreams with Era Ghali, by Bhavana Banala                                      3 PM

Genke Ganbare with Amy Akamine, by Matt Wohl                                         1 PM

Hans-Peter with Hans-Peter Nkansah, by Emilee Namphengso                  1 PM

Mirage with Zachary Moldof, by Corey Marr                                                   4 PM

Passion & Pride with Gabriella Rodriguez, by Benjamin Mack-Jackson    2 PM

See Me As They Do with Justine Francisco, by Tristan Antony Ortiz          2 PM & 4 PM

Talofa with Patrick Ah-Wang, by Mauricio Mejia Chang                                3 PM

Where Flowers Bloom with Jasmin & Trib Persaud, by Josha Thomas      3 PM

Presenting Sponsor: OUC

Descriptions of the films follow

Genke Ganbare by Matt Wohl (Vermont, USA) about Amy Akamine (Japan)

Follow Amy from her younger years of wanting to be a blonde blue-eyed girl to embracing her
Okinawan culture and heritage by honoring her family legacy through food and forming an
organization, National Association of Asian American Professionals (N.A.A.A.P.), that celebrates
her Asian American Pacific Island (AAPI) background.

Hans-Peter by Emilee Namphengsone (Laos) about Hans-Peter Nkansah (Ghana)

Hans Peter came to this country from Ghana with little to his name, sleeping in a store room in
his earliest times here. Through the kindness of Central Floridians Hans-Peter has found a
home, is raising his family, and has become a successful businessman proud of his heritage
who shares his unique customs with his children and others.

Bonded By Purpose by Jorge Gutierrez (Caribbean) about Anna Byrnes (Ukraine)

Anna Byrnes came to Orlando from her native Ukraine after marrying her husband, an American
citizen and Central Floridian. Discover how Anna has found a way to support her fellow
Ukrainians during the war by making food and serving this niche demographic here in Central

Chasing Dreams by Bhavana Banala (India) about Era Ghali (Egypt)

Era Ghali came to Central Florida in search of following her dreams of working in the film
industry, despite her family’s objections. See how she has found a home here and is pursuing
her passion of becoming the first Female Egyptian Director.

Anglo-Italian by Betty Su (Vietnam) about Gaby West (England/Italy)

Gaby West grew upin Italy until the age of 7 where she was surrounded by antiquity and art. After moving toLondon with her mother, she eventually studied art in England. She had spent her lifesurrounded by great art. With the formation of her company Artscapes, it is Gaby’s Mission to make sure that the lives of Central Floridians are filled with art in everyday spaces.

Passion & Pride by Benjamin Mack-Jackson (Ukraine) about Gabriella Rodriguez
(Puerto Rico/Mexico)

Gabriella came to Central Florida and had a rough start with barely a dollar to her name. After
struggling with homelessness she found her home in the LGBTQ+ community as an advocate
for the LGBTQ+ community with an emphasis on LatinX. It is her journey to make sure this
underrepresented group has its diversity shown in a positive and affirming light and helping
others who like herself were once lost to find their way.

Where Flowers Bloom by Joshua Thomas (USA LGBTQ) about Jasmin & Trib Persaud (Guyana/India)
The Tribaud family moved to Central Florida at the behest of their cherished son, Anand. The Persauds tragically lost their son Tribhawan “Anand” Persaud in a motor vehicle accident less than 3 years after moving their lives to this new country. Upon his passing, Anand’s parents agreed to honor their son by donating his organs, which has ultimately saved the lives of 6 individuals. The Persauds are now proud advocates for organ donation and are on a mission to educate and inspire their Central Florida community on the impact that the selfless act of being a donor can have.

See Me As They Do by Tristan Antony Ortiz (Puerto Rico) about Justine Francisco (Japan/Philippines)
Follow the emotional journey of Justine Francisco as he talks with his mom about the sacrifices she made so he could have a better life here in Central Florida after leaving him with his grandmother in the Philippines. Because of their sacrifices, Justine honors her and his grandmother through his job as an International Student Service liaison at a local University. There he has found his place amongst this diverse community and helped them on their journey of discovery here in the Orlando area.

Talofa by Mauricio Mejia Chang (Peru) about Patrick Ah-Wang (Samoa)
Patrick ‘Etu’ Wang and his now wife came to Central Florida at the invitation of Walt Disney World to become performers at the Polynesian Village. After arriving they were told by Disney to not show tattoos and have long hair. Standing up for the culture he was brought over here to represent, Etu approaches the higher-ups and affected change. He and his wife have since raised their family here passing on their native traditions to their children and others in Central Florida.

A Bless Life by Juan David Tena (Colombia) about Samir Fkiyi (Morocco)
Samir came to America with a few hundred dollars and a dream of becoming a success. He is active in spreading his Moroccan culture throughout Central Florida and has raised his children in a multi-cultural home that he shares with his wife.

Mirage by Corey Marr (USA) about Zachary Moldof (USA-Skate Culture)
Zachary Moldof is an American who has found his life’s purpose through becoming a skateboard advocate. By creating programs for young kids to focus on instead of getting in trouble, he is fulfilling his life mission.

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