MYgration Film Watch Party

Capturing the stories of Central Floridians from around the world in short three- to five-minute documentary films.

Watch a couple MYgration Films with us each month

 MYgration Films:

Watch a couple MYgration Films with us each month from the comfort of your own computer on the third Monday of each month (December through August) at 7 pm Eastern time. We’ll have the subject, the filmmaker and perhaps a cultural expert for some conversation about the film and any issues that might come up – unless one of those people aren’t available. You can join the conversation through the Facebook live chat. Themes and films tentatively schedule for the coming year are below.
Grab some popcorn* and a drink and settle down for an hour of films and conversation.
*Sorry, you have to provide your own refreshments.

Lori Turchin

Film Curator & Producer

Schedule of films subject to change

December 18, 2023
See Me As They Do (2023) by Tristan Anthony Ortiz (Puerto Rican) about Justine Francisco (Japanese/Filipino)
Anglo-Italian (2023) by Betty Su (Vietnamese) about Gaby West (Italian/English)
January 15, 2024
Bonded by Purpose (2023) by Jorge Gutierrez (Caribbean) about Anna Byrnes (Ukrainian)
Chasing Dreams (2023) by Ghavana Banala (Indian) about Era Ghali (Egyptian)
February 19, 2024
Terry Olson – Chief Instigator (2020)by Raphael Loquellano (Filipino) about Terry Olson
A World Within (2021) Omar Young (Peruvian) about Aleksandra Vargas (Russian/Dominican Republican)
March 19, 2024
A Bless Life (2023) by Juan David Tena (Colombian) about Samir Fkiyi (Moroccan)
Onchantho (2021) by Corey Marr (USA) about Onchanto Am (Cambodian)
April 15, 2024
Passion & Pride (2023) by Benjamin Mack-Jackson (Ukrainian) about Gabriella Rodriguez (Mexican) and
Stokes of Strength (2023) by Eller (Brazilian) about Patrick ‘Etu’ Ah-Wahng (El Salvadorian)
May 20, 2024
Genki Ganbare (2023) by Matt Whol (Vermontian) about Amy Akamine (Japanese)
Talofa (2023) by Mauricio Mejia Chang (Peruvian) about Patrick “Etu” Ah-Wang (Samoan)


June 17, 2024
Hans Peter (2023) by Emily Namphengsone (Laotian) about Hans-Peter Nkansah (German/Ghanan)
Hemler the Great (2021) by Lathan Tedford (Oklahoman) about Hemler Maurecette (Haitian)
July 15, 2024
Ensemble of Language (2021) by Ariana Martinez (Ecuadorian/Cuban) about Benoit Glazer (French Canadian)
Mirage (2023) by Corey Marr (USA) about Zach Moldof (USA Skate Culture)
August 19, 2024
Song of Hope (2022) by Matthew Guiterrez (Cuban) about Talli Dipold (Israeli)
Spit, Glitter & Glue (2020) by Rhys Lynn (USA) about Boris Garbe (German)

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