Kids Global Village

Navigate Around the world in Kid-sized cardboards

A place where kids can navigate through kid-sized cardboard “homes and buldings” 

from around the world, designed and built by the Young Architects Forum.

Saturday 11am – 7pm

Sunday 1 – 5pm

See if you can identify these structures

Great Mosque, Benin

Torre de la Libertad, Equatorial Guinea

Hotel du Lac, Tunisia

Azadi Tower, Iran

Golden Pavilion, Japan

Beijing National Aquatics Center, China

Moai Statue, Easter Island

Christchurch Transitional Cathedral, New Zealand

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Bulgaria

Grand Palace, Thailand

Lotus Temple, India,

Old San Juan Houses, Puerto Rico

The Gherkin, UK

Royal Library, Denmark

Sanctuary of Las Lajas, Colombia

Tasiilaq Day Care Center, Greenland

TransAmerica Pyramid, USA

Publix – College Park, USA

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