Foods of the World

Enjoy the delicious foods from around the world!

Embark on a culinary journey at FusionFest with Foods of the the World & fusion dishes from the winning chefs of the culinary contest. Dive in and savor global flavors like never before!

Saturday 10am - 8pm
Sunday 12PM - 5pm


Arab Community Center

   Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian & Jordanian traditional pies with traditional lemonade of the Mideast


Bahama Bucks

  Island treats: Shaved Ice, Smoothies, Acai Bowl


Dancing Empanada

   Puerto Rican food: Tostones, Empanadas of various flavors, Churro Cheesecake, Rice and Beans, Malta



   Indian fusion food:  vegetarian, vegan, & gluten-free options, Samosas, Garlick Naan, Masala Naan Pizza, Dosa, Mushrooms, Mango Lasi



  100% vegan food:   vegan Lasagna, Tacos, Nachos, Green Apple Limeade, Ginger Sorrel


Flavors Nigerian

   Nigerian food from the west African region: Jollof Rice, Fried Rice, Fried Yam and sauce,Suya Fufu and Egusi soup, Zobo drink


Gertrude’s Kitchen

   Southern foods and dessert: Baked Beans with Smoked Brisket, Slow Smoked Chopped Brisket, Lobster Mac’n’Cheese, Smoked Ribs, Smoked Chicken, Mini-cakes, Strawberry Lemonade, Sweet Tea


Hot and Fresh Grill

   Jordanian food: Shawarma, Dolma, Falafel, Hot dog, Fries, Limonana, Water

Juju Taiyaki

   Japanese street food: Juju Taiyaki, Japanese Cream Donuts, Ube Shokupan, Dango, Choco Banana, Ramune soda


Kava Bowl

   Polynesian food and drink:   Musubi, Hawaiian Butter Mochi Cake, Haupia, Kava, Kimbucha, Mocktails of Kava and Natural Juices.


Kookiest Cakes

   Unique Pound Cakes treats that taste like Grandma’s sweets


Lady T Lemonade

   Fruit Infused Lemonades served in 16 oz pre-chilled carry pouches


Maya’s Merienda and Asian Street Foods

   Filipino food: Pancit, Kwek-kwek, Sisig, Isaw-Isaw, BBQ Meat Skewers, Hibachi Steak, Chicken or Pork, Siomai, Buko Salad Drink, Summer Cooler sodas


Nguyen and Lam

   Vietnamese food: Harumaki Spring Rolls, Steamed Gyoza, Bulgogi Rice, Baos, Stir-fry Chicken Noodles, Coffee


Paula’s Jamaican Cuisine

   Jamaican food: Patty, Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat and Oxtail, Rice and Peas, Sorrel


Peru Power Food Truck

   Peruvian style street food. Fried Yuca, Tacos de Jalea, Ceviche, Chchi Morada


Pho Wheels

  Japanese Sushi.


Pipos Latin Food

   Venezuelan food: Empanada, Tequenos, Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


Rock Paper Scissors Eat

   American Street food paired with unique plant based options: Sloppy Joes, French Fries, Black Bean Slider, Cheeseburger, Fish Po Boy, Crispy Chicken Sandwich, Ice Tea, Peach Ice Tea


Schnitz and Giggles

   German street food: German Meatball with Lingonberry Sauce,  French Fries, Bratwurst, Currywurst, Pretzel with Beer Cheese, Schnitzel


Ukrainian Traditional Food

   Ukrainian Traditional Food: Berdychiv Cheesecake, Pierogi, Mlyntsi, Ukrainian Hot Dog, Pork Kebab, Uzvar, Kvas, Juices


Veggie Garden


  Vietnamese vegan food: Spring rolls, Summer rolls, Vegan Soy Drumsticks, Spicy Soy Rib, Rice Noodle, Vietnamese Coffee, Thai Tea, Asian Beers

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